Luxury Stone Countertops Shop in Toronto

Natural stone takes a special place when it comes to design of your home. It offers a great variety of textures and colors, not to forget about its functionality! It is versatile and can be used in any part of your home: family room, bathroom, powder room, foyer.

Think of all the beautiful elements that will make you home feel like truly yours – marble or granite feature walls, columns, fireplace facing, or mantles- it certainly adds that personal touch and at the end of the day you feel like you did come to a special place that you call home. The beauty of natural stone, whether it is marble or granite is in its unique nature created, never repeating patterns and colors that work so well in traditional and modern interiors.

And of course natural stone takes special place when it comes to kitchen and kitchen countertops. Over the years of working with this beautiful natural material we have mastered all possible applications and are always open to all the questions you may have regarding use of natural stone in your home. Contact us if you are planning to embellish your home with marble or granite.

At Marble Treasure we work with granite, marble, quartz and porcelain. The range of colors and patterns that come with our materials is truly limitless. We keep an eye on the upcoming color trends and always strive to be a step ahead to anticipate the market demands. That is why when you come and ask for that new shade we have it in stock or already on the way to our warehouse.

The colors created by nature in granite or marble offer a lot of flexibility ranging from white to dramatic red and anything in between, with the unique, never repeating veigning running across and telling the story of the creation of mother Earth. Whether used for a feature wall or your kitchen countertop natural stone adds that masterpiece signature quality to your home.

Although it seems even a little bit easier with our man-made materials as with quartz or porcelain, that can easily be ordered in any color or even replicate the natural stone in its intricacy you always have to find the fine balance between the latest minute color trend and timeless beauty.

Thinking of using marble, granite, quartz, or porcelain in your interiors give us a call to discuss your colors and patterns, or stop by our showroom to see all available options.

When you renovate your house and invest in the long lasting elements such as feature walls, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity countertops you always want to achieve the delicate balance between the right look, quality of materials and price. And in this you can safely rely on us. Because our efforts were focused on working with marble, granite, quartz and porcelain for more than 10 years now and we are always happy to share our expertise.

Although natural stone (whether it is marble or granite) seem to be that solid, stable and durable material and there could hardly be anything wrong with it, there is a difference between the marble or granite slab offered for 39 to 39 $ a foot, and hand picked slabs imported from reputable quarries. The low price is always followed by an unpleasant surprise or a catch. This is also true when it comes to work with manmade materials: quartz or porcelain. Is it going to discolor fast? Does it have that artificial look imitating stone, or almost indistinguishable? Are you adding value to your home or creating potential liability that still will come at a high cost? And we don’t like to see our clients disappointed.

That is why over the years we have pre-selected proven manufactures and quarries who we deal with to avoid unpleasant surprises that will put at risk your renovation projects. We deal with Caesarstone Canada, Viatera and Quartex Surfaces.