Quartz Countertops – Versatile and Practical Solution for Your Kitchen

For some time now quartz countertops have been dominating the design trends when it comes to the popular choices for kitchens. Moreover, now it also is a sought after feature in real estate resale market, always listed as a desirable feature in “for sale” ads and undoubtedly adding value to the listing.

In fact, It has gained so much popularity in the past couple of years that we thought it is worthwhile to give a detailed review here and answer the most frequently asked questions about quartz countertops.

How are quartz countertops made?

Although quartz countertops are a fabricated man made material – they combine 90% of natural quartz mineral and 5 % of resins, polymers and pigments. It has been designed with the thought of practical use in mind ideally uniting aesthetics and function in a truly versatile product. Probably, the only one usage exception is that it is not suitable for outdoor use and exposure to elements.

Abundance of quartz countertop designs

With it being fully man made material, the material designers have full control over its color, patterns and texture, satisfying the most seasoned architects and interior decorators, when it comes to tying them in into home interiors. They truly often become pieces of art in their own right. The manufacturers now offer, not only every color imaginable, but also get inspiration from nature’s most inspiring materials and phenomena.

Such as Supernatural collection by Ceaserstone,one of our preferred suppliers, taking its inspiration and colorscheme from the beauty and unpredictability of natural stone veins. Its Concetto collection is studded with semi-precious stones individually cut and bound n a unique array of colors combined, or should we say framed, in translucent surfaces. No matter how challenging it is to compete with nature in inspiring designs and patterns, the manufacturers that we work with always offer design forward solutions

Ease of installation

Once the quartz countertop slabs are manufactured, the repeating motifs in veining and quartz inclusions, and exact match of the base color for the slabs make it easier to create consistency in look and seams less visible.

Impact on the environment

Although the environmental impact is frequently overlooked in modern architecture and design, Quartz countertops, containing the most abundant mineral, as an engineered material, is an environmentally conscious option, using less stone (as compared to quarrying tons of marble and granite slabs, when only small part of it is usable as countertop slabs). While staying ethical in production, quartz countertops do not require any type of sealants for regular maintenance, thus you are not introducing any unwanted chemicals in your cooking and eating environment

Without a doubt, offering exceptional value for money, quartz countertops are leading in :

  • Durability
  • Variety of color and design options
  • No maintenance
  • Ease of installation and matching patterns

If you think about it, the modern life is all about function and aesthetics and quartz countertops hit the soft spot right there.

We work with Caesarstone CanadaViatera  Santa Margarita, Lapitec and Quartex Surfaces having selected them for the quality and design of the material.

If you have carefully examined all the available options of materials for your countertops and think that quartz countertops are the right choice for you in terms of design and function, make an appointment and stop by our showroom, located in Vaughan (only minutes away from Toronto)  to have a look at our amazing selection of options.