Natural Stone in Home Decor – Top 10 Trends in 2018

As always, new year brings the new trends in home decor. Now in the beginning of spring when so many people turn to their space renovation and upgraded we are all wondering what interior decor trends are here to stay and which ones we will never see again. At Marble Treasure it is crucial for us to keep even one step ahead and take them into account when we are ordering new stock for marble, quartz, stone, granite countertops and accents for your home.

  1. Quartz VS Granite? It seems like quartz is winning again in this competition. Quartz countertops have become a definite leader in the interior design of kitchens for its functionality, versatility and appearance. Its non porous, maintenance free structure proves to be very practical for modern busy family lifestyle. Not to speak of the increasing variety of designs.
  2. Color Scheme: light and neutral. Counter tops are one of the biggest solid surfaces in your kitchen, introducing contrasting color will make the space a bit smaller (especially if the ceilings are not high). So it seems that lighter shades are dominating.  However, we have done some black countertops with white cabinets, and it does look very sharp you certainly can not deny that!
  3. Mix and match strategy. Trend of using one color for the kitchen island and another for the countertops is still strong – and we know why: it does add interest to the kitchen, makes it look like you have carefully thought it through. And yes, the contrast is the way to go here without the all  fear of overwhelming the space and making it look smaller!
  4. Beveling & Countertop profiles. It seems that the simpler is the favorite choice. You can never go wrong with simple square or ¼ bevel for quartz in modern interior. Since the modern transitional style in decor in furnishings has been also dominating the market , FZ ogee or full ogee seems like a great option. However you can not deny the beauty of Cove Dupont edge on a beautifully veined marble top in a classic interior. Check out the selection of the countertop profiles on our website
  5. Smooth transition.The 4”inch stone border at the  back end of the counter has gone and seems forever to the point that it actually makes you wonder why it was done before, in the first place. It was designed before to prevent crumbs from falling between backsplash and the end of the counter, as there were no reliable and clear sealants to seal the crack at the back. Now you really do not need that border – and the kitchens started looking so much better without it, it really opens up the space and the end of the countertop and makes the distance between countertop and cabinets look bigger.
  6. Stone backsplash. With incredible selection of materials ranging from stainless to glass, to good old tiles (now coming in endless variety in shapes as well) why would you use natural stone for the backsplash – it definitely stretches beyond the simple functionality of recycling the unused part of the slab… Again design and functionality are all the reasons behind it. As little glass tile backsplashes do look quite trendy now many clients also think of the long term maintenance with too much grout lines. Natural stone helps you to unify the space and help eliminate grout lines for both function and design.
  7. Personalize your kitchen. There is no 2 slabs alike, and there is no 2 kitchens that look alike so as there same recipe cooked by 2 different cooks will never taste the same. Why should your countertop look like somebody else’s? Nothing reflects your individuality as the never repeating pattern of natural stone. Imagine the sensation when you handpick your very own slab of stone for your counter with intensity of pattern and variation of color you want. This is the masterpiece created by nature that you get to look at every day.
  8. Porcelain countertops? Why Not!  Thanks to the advances of the modern technology porcelain is not that fragile thing your mom told you to be careful around. Now it is coming strong, durable and in exceptionally wide variety of design options and colors – from replicating natural stone to vibrant solid colors that easily get along with wildest design plans. And did we mention that it is non porous and very easy to clean?
  9. Goodbye brick facing for fireplaces! And we hope forever!!! Get a nice natural stone facelift – you simply owe it to yourself after all these years staring at brick. No matter how thoughtful your builder was in matching the color of your brick for the fireplace and the house facade – there is really no excuse to tolerate it for so long!  Here you will be safe with anything – marble, granite but not your old  brick
  10. And the trend #10? We can’t wait to show it off to you! It is so great that we are doing a makeover in our showroom to demonstrate it. Come and see it at our Kitchen Makeover Event on May 5th!!!

If you are in doubt about the styles and materials for your space we do have qualified designers on staff to help you with your challenges and your floorplans! Visit us at our showroom at:

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