Now when the spring is just around the corner and most or renovation plans are in the final stage – we as kitchen countertop suppliers want to make sure your plans are on the right track. Kitchen is the most used space in any home and you want to make sure that it is both beautiful and functional.

With careful planning you can come up with perfect solution for any kitchen. The fact is,  that the kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and it is easy to find the concept that works for you. Choosing the right countertop, once you know the layout, is probably the most important decision you will make!

Kitchen countertop solutions

Galley kitchen countertop

Galley kitchens are built around saving the space and maximising the function. Great thing about the elegant layout of the galley kitchens is that the countertops are narrow – that does not restrict you in use of any engineered material such as quartz.

We would not recommend marble there, as it does not hold up well against rust, stains and acid. In tighter kitchen space you are likely to have some necessary items directly on countertop – such as microwave or toaster oven, which is they catch even a bit of water around the feet or base will develop rust stains in the marble surface.

Also when choosing countertop color, please do keep in mind that contracting countertop and dark color will make the kitchen look narrower than it is.

Kitchen Island Countertop

Kitchen islands are becoming increasingly popular in larger scale kitchens. They simply do wonders in optimizing the traffic. When choosing the countertop material please do keep in mind that some materials, such as quartz, come in narrower slabs, and might not be enough for the wider kitchen island countertops .

When choosing the design color and grain pattern many clients go for that mix and match look, with other contrasting or coordinating but distinctly different countertop surfaces. Choose the material that allows you enough options to play with.

L-shape Countertop

If you are planning for L-shape countertop make sure that the material that you chose is looking great at the seams. If you choose a natural stone – it really is the true testament to the skills of the contractor – to work around the pattern.

Kitchen Bar countertop

If you are planning for an area of your kitchen to double up as a bar or breakfast counter – do not expect those who are using it to be tidy and neat – after all you wanted them to feel welcome! Clearly, marble countertop would not be a practical choice here! Go for quartz and Lapitec – so that even if you wipe up the spills some time after the surface will remain unaffected!

The great thing about countertops is that with the variety of modern natural and engineered materials you can make any look work for you. If, for example, marble countertop does not work for you for practical reasons, but you are simply in love with the way it looks – you can go for porcelain, lapitec or quartz.

If you are in love with the look of cement countertops but want them to be more practical you can go for quartz with the same look – but unparalleled qualities with their nonporous durable surface!


Not sure what material of countertop to choose? Call us at Marble Treasures for detailed consultation!