We have been in the industry for a while and are truly excited when new materials appear in the market. As we constantly keep pace with the interior design trends we definitely could not pass by this new to the North America material: Lapitec. It has won Europe already by storm.

What is Lapitec?

Lapitec is truly state of the engineering art full body sintered stone slab. Essentially it is a new material category, and that does not appear in the market often. It is created as a result of sinterization process when finest natural minerals undergo extremely high pressure and temperature – and are formed into a slab that boasts simply unparallelled properties – dense compaction, high resistance, and durability.

It is completely natural and environmentally friendly – containing no resins and petroleum byproducts. And did we mention it is non-porous and colorfast?

If you are familiar with our work already, you certainly understand that we can not bypass a brand new material, or rather, a material category that is so perfect for key interior elements.

We have created a couple of projects with Lapitec already and are truly impressed with what this great material has to offer.

Lapitec – designed to impress

In addition to its high-performance features and durability, it offers a great selection of colors and exquisite finishes that will please the most discerning interior designers and architects.

In addition to that, due to the nature of its composition the slab is colored all the way through.  It opens a lot of possibilities when it comes to designing with it.

Overall, Lapitec takes the design in the direction where quartz and porcelain were thought to be indispensable, only without any limitations.

Here is the shortlist of Lapitec features:

  • Comes in large and extra wide slabs
  • Non- porous, not prone to bacteria and mold growth
  • No maintenance required
  • Acid & stain resistant
  • Completely UVB and weatherproof
  • Great selection of finishes and textures
  • Natural product

Lapitec applications:

kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, kitchen island countertops outdoor countertops and tabletops, custom designs, home accents & furniture, facades, wall facing and paneling.

In terms of manufacturing, it is considered a bit difficult to work with. But this is where we at Marble Treasure come in with our experience and precision. We have already mastered quite a few projects with it and are happy with the results. We are happy to see more and more inquiries coming in.

We are truly impressed with how quickly it is catching on, and would not be surprised if it will become one of the mainstream go-to products in interior design.

Lapitec CertiFied Environmentally Friendly

Lapitec has also got an award for being environmentally friendly, emitting no harmless byproducts. Great job at keeping it green!

So now,  when it comes to choosing the material for your countertops or interior elements – Lapitec becomes a strong candidate along with marble, granite, quartz, and porcelain.

At Marble Treasures, we create countertops for kitchens, kitchen islands bathroom vanities, as well as accent pieces, such as coffee, and end tables. We are an authorized Lapitec supplier for Toronto, Vaughan, Concord, Markham, and Thornhill.

If you have any questions about Lapitec, please let us know, and we will be happy to share the beautiful experience of working with this superior product.