Marble Treasure Inc

Our company Marble Treasure has been founded on our love for natural stone. We love every aspect of working with it – from handpicking the slabs for our collection – to working with our clients on design – to seeing how incredibly beautiful it looks in their new and updated space.

In our effort to bring our client the best we are constantly looking for new colors and textures, learning new trends in design and exploring new materials. Although marble is in our name Marble Treasure- we also work with quartz, quartzite, granite & porcelain.

From timeless to modern – we keep our stock of materials ready for any design and for any purpose. If you do feel a little bit lost in our selection we will be happy to offer our advice based on real-life installations of many years. And you can not be too careful with that – each material has its own style and coloring but may not be usable for all the applications. This is where our expertise counts.

Whether you are an experienced architect or interior decorator or working on the design of your space yourself, we will bring the level of competence and precision of work with a natural stone that you need. Check in with us even if you are on the initial stages of planning. We are always excited to see spaces evolve. Because it is our passion!

Explore the wonderful possibilities of decorating your home and raising its value at the same time with a great selection of natural stone for your countertops and decorative elements. Stop by our showroom for the firsthand experience!