Porcelain countertops are a relatively new trend in the home finishes market. Originating in Europe, with its rich tradition in porcelain, updated with modern technology, it is now gaining momentum in the North American market. Traditionally here, where natural stone such as granite or marble were used, porcelain, as countertop material needs a little bit more of an introduction.

As modern porcelain is made of clay, enriched with minerals under high pressure and temperature, it is, certainly, a game-changer. The presence of minerals and the ability to create beautiful patterns with pigments, ranging from natural stone look to solid colors make it an exciting choice for its decorative value.

How practical and durable porcelain countertops are?

Porcelain countertops are cured with high temperature, that guarantees their durability and sealed non-porous surface structure that can withstand quite a lot of abuse. Technically the surface is 30 percent stronger than In the course of production it is formed in the wide custom made sizes slabs that help to minimize on the seams, once it is used as a final finishing product as a countertop or a backsplash.

Porcelain, used for countertops offers smooth and safe for cooking surface, is stain-resistant and used more and more for kitchens with modern design, extra wide, or unconventionally shaped islands. Moreover, due to the versatility of the product, you can continue with the same look outdoors, or surface elements in adjoining spaces.

Working with this material for a while now in our projects we feel like they are a great choice in bathrooms and powder rooms, as well as elegant higher-end kitchens with lower traffic. Often it is more a lifestyle choice, as well as design imperative.

The great features of porcelain countertops

At Marble Treasure we have been working with porcelain for a while in a number of projects and simply love some of its features:

  • Lightweight slabs. Minimize the risk of damaging it, and is simply a crucial feature in the projects where the added weight would compromise integrity.
  • Colorfast and versatile .  Porcelain slabs can be easily installed anywhere indoors and outdoors for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Uniform slab pattern.  It won’t surprise you with one of a kind look, but, sometimes, consistency and predictability of pattern work wonders in a unified design concept.
  • Great colors and realistic patterns. Whether you are looking for an unusual color or a natural-looking pattern – it is certainly a great material to turn to.
  • Extra-wide slabs. Simply great for oversized islands and do exceptionally well as coordinating seamless backsplash.
  • Great designs for any style kitchen. The variety of options works really great for modern, traditional or eclectic decor. New designs are coming out to the market annually making us looking forward to the new ones with excitement.

As with every material, porcelain has its unique place, it is a matter of professionalism to maximize on its great features to achieve a great design. If you are not sure if porcelain countertops can be used in your place, we will be happy to discuss the pros and cons with you. At Marble Threasure we will make sure you will end up with the right material for your design and lifestyle that will serve you for many years.