For a few years granite countertops seem to have disappeared from the real estate listings as selling feature of the property. The clients seem to ask more for quartz. But did granite really lose its momentum as interior decor material?

Some surveys do show a slight drop in interest in granite countertops. But if we look deeper between the lines we will see why: it is simply certain colors and patterns that fell out of favor!

A big part of it was also that it fell victim to its own glory. Do you remember those signs along the road:”Granite countertops for $35 per square foot”. It simply confirmed the fact that granite was extremely popular. But in order for it to become more affordable, lower end varieties were brought in. Colors lacking personality, busy boring patterns – these details simply stuck in our minds.

With more open and light airy look in interior design, granite has just changed its game!

It has some amazing advantages for kitchen countertops, that still can not be matched by other materials:

  • Beautiful one of a kind non – repeating pattern
  • Wide slabs allowing for extra wide countertops
  • The least porous structure out of all natural materials
  • Not fading in the sun
  • Beautiful vivid natural color combinations

Granite is definitely here to stay. As lower end looks are phased out, it opens the door to a new and more exciting higher end varieties that will become a true decoration of your home. As home decor market gets more sophisticated, new varieties and colorways of granite are making is appearance. And we always look forward to discovering more and make them available here, in Toronto.

Use Granite Countertops in larger scale kitchens

Like real artwork, granite can make a real statement in larger spaces, on larger scale kitchen countertops and fireplace walls. Here you can fully appreciate the intricate, yet bold movement of its veins, and mesmerizing color combinations.

Have fun mixing and matching with granite

It is also a great material for your mix and match designs – bringing to life any space without overpowering it. The simpler patterns used to match with it create a beautiful introduction of your masterpiece.

Natural splash of color

The color choices that granite naturally comes in is simply incredible – from understated greys to vibrant yellow and green – offering a great palette to work with even for the most seasoned designers.

Beautiful, yet practical choice.

Unlike fragile marble it comes with definite practicality, yet retaining the fabulous one of a kind statement. Indeed it seems a perfect fit even for the busiest kitchen.

Those who appreciate timeless beauty and are ready to look beyond quick passing trends will truly enjoy the beauty of never repeating patterns of granite. There is nothing like adding that one of a kind look with inspiration taken from true art created by nature.