At the heart of every beautiful home, there’s a beautiful quartz countertop. Okay, maybe that’s not the common phrase, but it’s still true! Quartz is one of the most beautiful and resistant materials available. It’s also known for being nonporous, which prevents stains from seeping into the stone, making it easy to clean.

If you are considering acquiring a quartz countertop, we strongly suggest thinking about the sink as well. Over the last few years, a sink design trend has erupted, ranging from stainless steel sinks to copper sinks, with a broad scope of sizes. But before we even get to discuss which type of sink fits your quartz countertop the best, let’s go over the three most important things to consider before purchasing a sink:

  • The sink’s design and material boost your quartz countertop’s appeal.
    Many people may look at a sink and think they found the one, only to realize it doesn’t quite match their countertop’s design or their kitchen in general once installed. Be sure to consider all aspects of the countertop you selected and choose the sink accordingly. How thick and how big the countertop is can affect everything from general aesthetics to sink installation.
  • Endurance and Functionality
    Not only are you looking for an aesthetically pleasing sink, but you also have to consider how long it will last and how it will complement your kitchen’s functionality in general. Do you want it to have a garbage dispenser? Is it the right size? Will it be an under-mounted or over-mounted sink?
  • Budget
    The most important thing to consider is making sure the sink fits your budget. There is no need to overspend on a big sink if you live alone or have a small-sized bathroom or kitchen. Be sure that whichever sink you pick for your countertop fits your needs perfectly.
    Now let’s focus on the most popular sink design materials for quartz countertops and how they can increase their appeal:

Cast Iron Sinks

If you are looking for something elegant and durable, cast iron sinks have been the go-to choice for luxury homes. They are the prettiest sinks in the market, available in a variety of colours and styles. The only downside is that the enamel coating can begin to peel off with time, showing off the black cast iron below.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are the most popular sinks to pair with a quartz countertop in your kitchen. They are compatible with most faucets, and don’t stain, rust and are relatively easy to clean. The advantage of these sinks is that they are compatible with almost any granite colour, making it a flexible choice.

Granite Sinks

Granite sinks have become more popular to install in bathrooms due to their aesthetics and endurance. Apart from its high durability, granite sinks are heat resistant (up to 280 degrees Celsius), hygienic, easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. Their main advantage is that there is a greater variety of shapes and sizes than other sinks, making it highly compatible with any quartz countertop. This type of sink used to be more expensive, but prices have become more affordable with time. You buy an excellent granite sink for around $300-$350.

Now the most critical question to answer is, “what size should my sink be?”. The truth is that it is often up to personal preference. However, you should consider the size of your quartz countertop as well as your bathroom or kitchen dimensions. It would help if you also kept in mind the sink cabinet’s front and back area as there should be enough remaining space to install the faucet.

But before even thinking about the sink, choosing the right countertop is crucial for your interior designs. At Marble Treasure, we specialize in adding functionality and beauty to our client’s lives. We have over a decade of experience in the business, and every year we’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of watching our client’s dreams come true. Contact us now to obtain exceptional designs with your budget in mind!