Lapitec – Great News for the Industry

We have been in the industry for a while and are truly excited when new materials appear in the market. As we constantly keep pace with the interior design trends we definitely could not pass by this new to the North America material: Lapitec. It has won Europe already by storm. What is Lapitec? Lapitec …

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Marble Treasure Inc

Our company Marble Treasure has been founded on our love for natural stone. We love every aspect of working with it – from handpicking the slabs for our collection – to working with our clients on design – to seeing how incredibly beautiful it looks in their new and updated space. In our effort to …

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A Closer Look at Marble Types and Properties

custom stone countertop for modern interior

Marble has been used for interior and exterior embellishment for thousands of years. Once people have discovered its variety of colors, beautiful veining and also its amazing quality to cool down temperature in hot Mediterranean and middle eastern climates it has become a favorite choice for interior decor up to the modern times. Fabled  Athenian …

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Quartz Countertops – Versatile and Practical Solution for Your Kitchen

quartz countertop installation in Toronto

For some time now quartz countertops have been dominating the design trends when it comes to the popular choices for kitchens. Moreover, now it also is a sought after feature in real estate resale market, always listed as a desirable feature in “for sale” ads and undoubtedly adding value to the listing.

Natural Stone in Home Decor – Top 10 Trends in 2018

natural stone decor trends

As always, new year brings the new trends in home decor. Now in the beginning of spring when so many people turn to their space renovation and upgraded we are all wondering what interior decor trends are here to stay and which ones we will never see again. At Marble Treasure it is crucial for …

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