Granite Countertops

Marble Treasures, Inc. provides a wide array of gorgeous slabs of natural granite for use in your kitchen, bathroom or living areas. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns, each of which are unique and will not be replicated. When you choose natural granite countertop, you are receiving a natural stone that is created by the Earth, not man-made and replicated hundreds of times for use in other homes. You receive a unique piece of stone that creates incredible kitchen countertopsbathroom countertops, showers, flooring and fireplaces, transforming your home into a wondrous beauty with the addition of natural stone.

There are many benefits of adding granite to your home, including its durability, cleanliness, beauty and the value that it provides. If you are considering a natural stone for your home, granite is not one to be overlooked for its vast number of benefits and exquisite beauty that cannot be replicated by any other material.

Granite is Durable

Granite provides the durability that is often necessary on countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. This heat and scratch resistant stone makes it possible to add incredible beauty to these rooms without taking away its durability. Natural granite is second in line in terms of durability to diamonds, making it a rather tough material that can even withstand the rigor of kids and an active daily life as typically occurs in the kitchen and bathroom. While care should be taken to protect the granite from extreme heat or sharp objects, it can withstand a large amount of use without damage and will very rarely be subjected to scratches or stains.

Granite is Sanitary

A common worry in kitchens and bathrooms is the ability to keep the areas sanitary, avoiding the spread of germs or running the risk of cross-contamination. In general, granite is a non-porous surface, which means that germs, food particles and stains cannot reach beyond the surface of the countertop. With proper cleaning, germs are quickly wiped away and the worry of spreading germs is gone. It is important to note, however, that it is highly recommended that every granite countertop be sealed in order to ensure the prevention of any germs passing beyond the surface should any area of the stone be porous.

Granite is Beautiful

There are very few stones that can mimic the sheer beauty of granite. Whether you wish to add new kitchen or bathroom countertops or want to enhance your living space with a gorgeous granite fireplace, the options are endless. We provide a large number of colors and patterns, making it easy to find the one that is just right for your home.

Granite Adds Value

There are very few additions that you can make to your home that will add incredible value to it, but granite is one of them. The aesthetic appeal and life that granite from Marble Treasures, Inc. provides to any room in your home helps to increase the value of your home, allowing you to gain back the money that you invested in the beautiful stone.

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  • Titanium
    One of the most beautiful Brazilian granite. Black granite consist different veining that varies from silver to goldish tones. This elegant natural stone is available in both leathered and polished finishes in 2 or 3cm.