Kitchen Countertops that Work for your Lifestyle

kitchen countertop

As specialists in kitchen countertop design and installation we are often get this question: what material is right for my kitchen? Yes, our clients do come to us well informed, after extensive research on the internet. But we all admit that information lacks the personal touch and may be a bit overwhelming.

You may ask why are we concerned whether our clients end up with the right countertop material? Quartz, marble, granite, and porcelain are all made to be used for countertops after all!

There are certain features and looks that work better for different environments and lifestyles. Not always a perfect instagram picture will translate well in all spaces should you like to recreate it.

Kitchen is a functional space and a lot depends on the countertop, probably, the most used surface in your home.

Planning to change countertop in your kitchen? Things to consider:

  • The size of the kitchen
  • The width of the counters & islands
  • Do you cook and entertain a lot
  • Overall renovation budget
  • Are you just replacing the countertop or re-planning the kitchen
  • Kitchen design and color of the floor and cabinets
  • What is the time frame you can work with

Countertops for small kitchens

It may seem that the smaller space is less demanding. But just the opposite is true. On one hand, you could afford a more expensive countertop material, on the other hand it has to be balanced with the rest of the design of your kitchen. Here you should not forget that your small space performs double duty!

Quartz countertops work the best in high traffic areas as they virtually need no maintenance and will not develop stains and scratches on the surface. We have done marble countertops in some smaller scale galley kitchens, but it was in quieter homes, with no small kids – random spills and occasional pans drops and spaghetti sauce explosions.

You also have to remember that since the space is small the countertop material, (whether it is stone or porcelain) with contrasting or too pronounced grain will make the space even smaller.

Countertops for house staging

House staging requires a special touch – the design of the kitchen and en suite bathroom is something that can easily make or break the deal. Although it is impossible to predict what lifestyle the people who move in will have, for staging there are 2 approaches that can work wonders:

  • Something universal that works for everyone (such as quartz countertops)
  • Or a statement piece (porcelain or marble countertops, of course if they make for better design solution.

Countertops for open space kitchens

Open space is the favorite design choice for many homeowners – it keeps the space light and airy, looks bigger, and there are no unnecessary walls that segment off your space.

It is also a space that has increased traffic. It is used by all family members and here the countertops will need to handle extra traffic. Which brings us again to quartz as a prime choice, where no maintenance and extreme durability is important.

Custom house kitchens

When you build your dream home – you should enjoy handpicking every detail and material for it. Looking through the marble or granite slabs for countertops is certainly one of the most enjoyable moments. The never repeating  pattern and coloring of the natural stone is a true art created by nature.

The width of the stone slabs offers the unique opportunity to use it for extra wide kitchen islands.

You might consider porcelain for a bolder statement or modern design, as it offers an endless possibility of colors and quite a few exciting finishes.

When selecting the right stone you should think about the practical side of things too. If you go plan your kitchen to work hard and entertain a lot, quartz with natural stone looking pattern could be a great choice too. Just make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight, where it can fade or change color.

Working with countertops we are truly excited about the options that are becoming available on Canadian market expanding from marble and granite to quartz, porcelain and, now lapitec.