A Closer Look at Marble Types and Properties

custom stone countertop for modern interior

grey marble fireplace designMarble has been used for interior and exterior embellishment for thousands of years. Once people have discovered its variety of colors, beautiful veining and also its amazing quality to cool down temperature in hot Mediterranean and middle eastern climates it has become a favorite choice for interior decor up to the modern times.

Fabled  Athenian Treasury, the Parthenon were graced by white marble and influenced the European architecture for centuries to come. Michelangelo was known to stop at Carrara and Statuario  marbles quarries to handpick marble slabs for to craft into his masterpieces, selecting them in early morning when at sundawn he could almost see through the slab and notice structural imperfections.

In the contemporary interior decor marble is widely used in both modern and traditional interior setting offering the same beauty and versatility as centuries before. In residential design now it is used for:  

  • Backsplashes
  • Mantelpiece and fireplace facing
  • Decorative inlays and mosaic
  • Flooring  
  • Columns

Many companies recommend and use marble on kitchen countertops. However, We Do Not recommended to use, marble on the countertops and here is why:


Marble Countertop CONS


  • black marble bathroom countertopScratching – Marble scratches easily
  • Staining – Marble easily stains; spilled red wine and some, especially acidic, fruit are may leave a permanent stain for good.

We suggest that you go with marble countertops ONLY if you are well aware that it will scratch up in the process of daily countertop use, it will develop patina over the years andwill acquire that old world aged look, that may be suited for some traditional kitchen interiors. If you want your kitchen countertop to be spotless and scratch free than definitely marble is not the way to go.

Let’s talk about the most popular types of marble, as coming from different quarries from all over the world the slabs have their distinct color and veining due to unique geology of their place of origin. Traditionally marble was always imported as luxury material, as each type inherits the absolutely unique features of their location it is quarried in. And we continue with this great tradition to make it available here, in Canada.

Calacata and Statuario one of the most rare marbles with long history and remarkable appearance.

calcatta marbleCalacatta marble  light brown and gold veining, which made stone look very unique and different than any other marbles. Recommended for fireplaces or accent walls, shower walls or niches. Many people like to use Calacatta marble on the floor along with Emperador Dark.

Statuario is the most precious marble varieties found in Italy. Sharp grey veins on the white base make this stone very unique and outstanding!  Recommended for fireplaces or accent walls, shower walls or niches. Lately people use Statuario marble for full backsplash on the walls along with quartz on the countertops.

Carrara Marble, or Blanco Carrara – is a true classic, quarried from Italian Alps and  has truly become the standard for both quality and refined classic look  

The Blanco Ibiza marble is well known for its understated neutral tones and grey streaks

Dark or light Emperador is a truly elegant solution if you are looking to add warm brown tones to your interior. Its circular veigning creates intricate almost lace-like never repeating rhythm.

Nero Marquina is always an excellent choice when you are looking to add a dramatic black color to your interior. It is one of the well known marble types frome Spain, more precisely from Basque region. Over the years it develops beautiful patina that will certainly add to your interior.

Marble is so beautiful that often our clients are willing to overlook its somewhat not that practical porous structure, that stains and scratches a bit too easily. And rarely they did regret that. Marble truly chooses its own clients

If you have more questions about using marble for fireplace decor  we will be more than happy to help you at our showroom. Contact us for a detailed consultation.