Shower walls: What are large porcelain slabs?

Large porcelain slabs, popularized in Europe, are a new concept that has really hit the ground running. People are falling in love with the idea of using large porcelain slabs for a variety of different construction and remodeling projects, including flooring, walls, countertops, and much more.

Imagine trying to construct an entire wall out of a natural stone or marble slab. It would be nearly impossible, considering costs, density, and the amount of labor involved! That’s where large format porcelain slabs come in handy. And thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to get your hands on porcelain tile slabs.

If you’re in the business of saving money, time, and labor on a renovation project, you might be interested in learning more about these miraculous slabs of porcelain that are revolutionizing the modern world. Whether you enjoy the marbled look, or you are seeking something to give the stunning appearance of a room made of stone, you can find plenty to enjoy with these versatile and highly useful large porcelain slabs.

Large porcelain slabs explained

Slabs of porcelain can come in sizes as large as 10’ x 5’, though they can be custom ordered to be much bigger or smaller. One of the most notable qualities of these slabs that you might discover in person is how thin they are. Measuring just 6-12mm in thickness, they automatically become some of the easiest and most lightweight materials to work with.

While it’s not exactly marble, porcelain slabs that look like marble can often be much more versatile than other dense natural stones. For example, think about how simple it is to maintain and care for porcelain. You are already familiar with the substance, as it is used to construct affordable countertops, floors, and well-known bathroom appliances. That versatility can extend even further to include walls, backsplashes, patios, fireplaces, tubs, and even more. It can reach places that marble could never dream of. Plus, it’s much more efficient to handle and transport in a size that big.

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